Looking for something to do whilst you are socially distancing?

Why not enrol in a class with John and learn something new to elevate your next design.


Depending on the uptake, there may be multiple classes for different timezones

Bead and Sequin

Using a pre-made pattern, you will learn how to use bead embroidery to create 3D trims 

You will need fabric which has been interfaced for stability, embroidery hoop, a selection of beads and sequins, curved needles and regular needles (ensure the needles can go through the beads you wish to use).

You will need to have transferred a pattern to your fabric before the class, the pattern will be sent to you via email by May 14th. Please ensure this fits in your embroidery hoop - the pattern will be no bigger than 5 x 5 inches.


I will also show you how to make your own sequins.

Date 24th May

Times - 7pm AEST (4am CDT and 10am GMT)

If demand dictates, additional classes will be added for students in CDT time zone - just ask


Cost - 35 GBP - Book Here

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