How to make an 80s inspired boater

As this is more of a design video and not a true millinery video, I’m starting with a pre-blocked shape. This is a Small Brim Polybraid Boater Fascinator Hat Base in the colour Gold Metallic from Petershams Millinery. Sadly It is currently out of stock at the moment. I’ve had this in my stash since December and just didn’t know what to do with it.

Before we attach the sequins and pearls, I went ahead and attached ribbon around the side of the crown. I’m using 2 types of ribbon here. The 1st is a charcoal ribbon from hatters Millinery Supplies at a width of 23mm. This one isn’t very stiff si it will hug the crown a bit better than one which has some stiffness in it. The second ribbon I’m using is Dip-dye gradient ribbon in Citrus from petershams Milliner and has a width of 15mm.

I cut the ribbons to length and folded over one raw edge, this was then sewn into place on the crown. I then placed the ribbon around the crown and did the same to the other end, making sure my ends were butted up together and looked neat as we won’t be covering this.

Next was the fun part, decorating with sequins. The first sort of sequin I decided to use were these Vintage 1950s/60s Sequins Noodles in the colour Light Turquoise Gloss - these are out of stock but they do have some in black still. They have 4 holes which will need sewing down and instead of using matching thread, I used a complete contrast - I used a hot pink thread to sew these down. Next up were these Vintage 1950s/60s Sequins Circles in metallic pink. These are 25mm wide and have one sewing hole. For this, I used a bright yellow thread to attach.

Then it was time for pearls - these are a Neon Yellow Swarovski pearl at 8mm wide and they are quite weighty. I got these from Bluestreak Crystals in the UK. To sew these on, I used a purple thread. For these though, i did need to use a beading needle as the hole is only 0.8mm wide and the only needle that would go through was my beading needle.

As you probably noticed, I just did the tip of the crown as I wanted to see how it all looked before I went ahead and did the whole hat. Initially, I loved it but as I placed the noodles on the brim, I realised that the pink sequins were just throwing the look off, so I decided to remove them.

It was at this point I decided to add sequins to the under brim, so I went ahead and sewed some noodles on the underside to see what it would look like. It looked pretty decent to me so I added more before adding more pearls t the brim on both the top and the under brim.

Using more of the ribbon, I tacked 2 lengths of the ribbon inside the crown, just behind the ribbon inside - I tried to emulate the ribbon around the crown and positioned the yellow ribbon on the outside.

Finally, it just needed something extra, so I went digging in my stash and found these UV neon flatback crystals. These I got from Beads Venue in Australia and worked perfectly! Im using the size SS16 which is 3.9mm wide in the colours Crystal Electric Pink and Crystal Electric Orange.

To see the piece being made - watch below

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